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Founded by Patriots (1935) – Blessed by Pope Pius XI (1935) … Chartered by Congress (1984)

Okla. Memorial Post 168 … founded 9 June 2009 … Chartered 28 July 2009 … Installed 10 October 2009

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Catholic War Veterans USA flagWe welcome you to our Web page.  The Okla. Memorial Post 168 is a relatively young Catholic War Veterans USA post, and currently one of only two in the state of Oklahoma


 Catholic War Veterans USA was founded in 1935 with Astoria’s Post #1 in New York.  However, for some reason it has taken 74 years for the Catholic War Veterans, USA to reach Oklahoma.  In 2009, two posts (Post 168 and Post 902) were organized in the Oklahoma City metro area.  Oklahoma CWV Post 902 was officially installed on July 28, 2009 in Oklahoma City, while the Okla. Memorial Post 168 Charter was signed on the same day at the CWV National Headquarters. The newer of these two, the Okla. Memorial Post 168 of Del City, Okla. was formally installed on October 10, 2009 beneath the “Survivor Tree” of the Oklahoma City National Memorial.


Our Post was named to memorialize the 168 casualties of the tragic 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing … thus the Memorial Post 168 in our name.  The word Memorial also pays tribute to America’s past servicemen, servicewomen, as well as ‘in appreciation’ to their families,  who gave so much in order that we may remain free citizens in a Christian nation.


 Bob Lambert: Commander  … Albert T. Lock, 3rd: Adjutant  … Mike Skolaut: Dignity Liaison Officer


Charter Members are the original veterans who have banded together for the purpose of forming a new Catholic War Veterans Post.  The Charter Members of our Post  (in alphabetical order) are as follows:

Hershall W. Clark … Walter D. Cooksey … *Harold J. Cousins 2010 … Pete Davola … *James R. Devlin 2010 … Laurann N. Donahue … Liam P. Donahue … Richard R. Duquette … Johnnie Esquivel Jr … Ralph L. Gosselin … Sidney R. Howard … Joseph Kearns … John E. Kelso … *Alvin P. Konrath 2015… Bob Lambert … Juan R. Lara … Albert T. Lock 3rd … Russell Marooney … Kenneth J. Provost … *Bernard Seegel 2017 … Mike Skolaut … Marie Y. Sparks … G. Wayne Walton … Tony Wangler … Michael D. Williams … James G. Young … Frank Zamora Jr.

*  Purpled Denotes deceased Charter Members.


 Following the formation of the Okla. Memorial Post 168, members chose Servant of God Father Stanley Francis Rother as its Post Patron.  The late Father Stanley F.  Rother of Okarche, Oklahoma was martyred in Guatemala in 1981 where he was serving as a missionary.  The Cause for Canonization of Fr. Rother is currently ongoing at the Vatican, in Rome.  For more information, click on  the Patron link above.


Our Post home is located in Del City, Okla. ( southeast suburb of Oklahoma City), where our membership is primarily drawn from adjoining parish areas of the metro, bordering towns, neighboring Tinker AFB, and other nearby veteran communities.


It is not necessarily our goal to become America’s ‘Largest’ post, but more importantly, to become a ‘Quality’ post in serving the veteran community, and to advance the cause of the Catholic War Veterans USA,  in whatever geographical area which God has blessed us with.  Come visit us, and evaluate for yourself!


The Okla. Memorial Post 168 and the Oklahoma CWV Post 902 are conveniently located as follows:  Post 168 located in the southeast area of the OKC metro, while Post 902 is located in the northwestern area of town (see LOCAL OKC POST CONTACTS below).  Incidently, in order to become a member in the Catholic War Veterans USA, a veteran need NOT have served in any ‘War Zone’ or in harm’s way.  He/she must be an American citizen, have served in the U.S. Armed Forces (where the last DD Form 214 certifies “Honorable” service), and be a practicing Catholic in good standingAll Catholic active duty servicemen are encouraged to join us.  For more information, click on Join link above.


We are eager to hear from Catholic Veterans and friends from everywhere, as we are bound by common services to a grateful nation, and by an oath close to our hearts.   We invite you to visit Oklahoma, and to contact us that we may both enjoy great fellowship.  For more information, click on  Visit OKC link above.

Come by and experience  the state of Oklahoma, our OKC metro area, our Post, and a great bunch of veterans.  “Y’all come” and visit, or get in touch with us.  Click on  Contacts  link above


Oklahoma City Catholic War Veteran Posts may be contacted as follows:

  • Okla. Memorial Post 168 meets 2nd Wednesdays of the month at 1900 hrs … 3900 SE 29th St, Del City, OK 73115 … Commander:  Ron Sandhop  … Tel:    (405) 737-4552Email:   resandhop@gmail.orgWeb Page:
  • Oklahoma CWV Post 902 meets 2nd Tuesdays of the month  at 1900 hrs … St. Ann Retirement Center, 7501 West Britton Rd, Okla. City, OK 73132 … Commander: Stephen Fischer … Tel 405-819-3445 …   Email:


To all Military Personnelits Veterans, as well as to their Family Members (especially the Gold Star families)  … Thank You for all that you have given to perpetuate the freedom that the United States of America enjoys.

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